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Casa d'Erci archive

Coming from Borgo San Lorenzo or Scarperia, we can reach the Museum "Casa d'Erci" by following the road signs for Luco and Grezzano. A special sign indicates the countryroad that leads to Casa d'Erci which is found out - of - the way on the mountains to the north of Grezzano. From Grezzano to the Museum there are about 1600 metres of a very narrow road which cannot be crossed by big vehicles. The museum is set up in an ex-farmhouse situated on the bank of the torrent Erci in the regional agricultural forestry complex "Giogo - Casaglia". The place is characterized by its environmental and naturalistic qualities.

A characteristic and substantial collection of documentary material on the old farming and country life in the Mugello Area is found here. The material is relevant to real farming activities such as cattle - raising, farming and working the land, harvesting and trashing in the cellars, in the granaries and in the mills. Particular interest is given to the works done in the house such as spinning and weaving, doing the washing in the kitchen, to handicrafts done by the farmers and to various trades of carpenters, cartwrights, coopers, shoemakers, blacksmiths and masons.
The reconstruction of the bedroom, the cellar, the kitchen together with the sections dedicated to works in the woods, to popular religious activities, to carts and other means of transport, to works made in wood, and to school, share-farming and photographic documents complete the expositive picture carried out with intent and evocative but above all with a vast and accurate documentation.


It is a winding route about 1500 metres long and not very far from the house. It forms an original complement to the museum. With its 120 well-labelled plants and the reconstruction of the agricultural and woody setting, the footpath offers the visitator the possibility to get to know the typical vegetation of the area and the various elements of the agricultural - forestry landscape in their historical evolution through the last century. A small guide - book gives the essential information as regards the cultural and landscape changes and the use of every single kind of vegetable as well as to the history of the farmland estate and the "house". The museum has also a specialized library and sound records of written and photographic documents, besides other various publications edited by the " Erci Group". An equipped area with tables, a stove and drinkable water is situated on the bank of the torrent just beyond the house.


The museum is opened all year round in the afternoon of Sundays and holidays (fall-winter 2.30 PM - 7 PM
spring-summer 3 PM - 7.30 PM) Phone: +39(055)8401457
Entrance is not free.
The Casa d'Erci group is a private association which works in cooperation with the Mugello tourist office.
Casa d'Erci is part of the area "museum system" called "MUSEO DIFFUSO".

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