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Aldo Giovannini

Aldo Giovannini was born in Borgo San Lorenzo on the 11th of November 1940. Contributor with the father of the newspaper "La Nazione", from 1954 to 1985. Sport reporter; author of more than six thousand articles about art, culture, history and chronicle. Contributor of magazines and local newspaper, historian of local things .

He found in Vercelli, after 80 years, the archives of mister Giuseppe Ungania and, after a long and difficult work, he succeeded in bringing back to the life this important work, giving a name and a place to every picture. It is mainly from these archives that we took the pictures which are published on this site.

In 1985 he has been coauthor with Giovanni Cipriani of the book "75 anni di storia della Fortis Juventus 1909"; in 1986 he published the book "Dalle cento case alle cento strade" in 1989 he wrote the book "Caro Vecchio Borgo"; in 1992 he has been coauthor with Pierluigi Naldi of the book "Presenza salesiana a Borgo San Lorenzo".
He lives in Borgo San Lorenzo.

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