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Mixed fry meats, florentine style

(Gran fritto misto di carni alla fiorentina)

  • The meats:
    8 cutlets of lamb already prepared by the butcher
    8 pieces of veal brain
  • The vegetables:
    4 artichokes already without leaves, cleaned and cut in segments, put in fresh water with lemon
    the white part of 4 small and tender leeks, cut in pieces and burned in salty water for 5 minutes
    strained and dried
    8 very big leaves of fresh sage
    8 rings of a medium onion
  • Furthermore: everything indicated in each stage of this preparation.
Peel the veal brain under the water, divide it in two parts and from one of this part cut 8 pieces of brain, not too big, dry them, dip them in flour and then marinate them by dipping them in a mixture composed by two beaten eggs, lightly salty, for at least one hour. Use the remaining brain for other recipes.
Take a blender and put inside 2 entire eggs, a pinch of salt, the leaves of a small branch of rosemary, 6 leaves of sage, one garlic clove, half glass of white wine and mix very well until you will obtain a smooth batter, pour it in a container and put inside the batter the cutlets of lamb for at least one hour, in order to marinate.
When it is time to fry meats and vegetables, start with the lamb, by picking up the cutlets from the marinating stuff, one each time and by putting them in the breadcrumbs in order to spread it in all the parts of the cutlet, press them very well (also to give them a good shape) and then put them in the frying pan with very hot oil, but not smoking oil (half olive oil, half peanut oil), and cook them 5 minutes each side. Then drain them and put them on blotting paper and keep them warm to eat afterwards. Now it is time to fry the brain, pick it up from the marinating stuff, drain it for a while and so put it in the frying pan with the same mixture of oil as above. Fry for 5 minutes, turning the pieces more times. Take out from the pan and keep warm on blotting paper together with the lamb. In the meanwhile you should have prepared the batters to fry the vegetables.
Artichokes: beat two eggs together with a spoon of flour and a pinch of salt, 3 spoons of water, some leaves of calamint, some leaves of parsley and one garlic clove finely chopped (calamint, parsley and garlic). Put it in a small bowl together with the segments of artichoke and keep marinated for at least one hour. When it is time to fry, drain them, dip in flour and fry for 4-5 minutes, turning them, then drain and keep warm.
Leeks: beat two eggs together with a spoon of flour, 4 spoons of water, a pinch of salt, one garlic clove and 4 or 5 branches of parsley finely chopped. Put the pieces of leek to marinate in this mixture until the time to cook them. At the right time drain them, dip in flour, cook for 5 minutes and keep warm.
Sage: beat the yolk of one egg (keep the albumen), a small pinch of salt, half spoon of flour, 2 spoons of milk. Then whip the albumen and incorporate it to the above mentioned batter. Take the leaves of sage, one by one, by the stalk and dip them in the batter; fry them 2 minutes each side, drain them and keep them warm.
Onion: put the ring of onions in fresh water for at least one hour. In the meanwhile prepare a quite liquid batter with the following ingredients: the yolk of one egg (keep the albumen), one spoon of flour, one spoon of oil, 3 spoons of water, a small pinch of salt (but very small). Then whip the albumen and incorporate it to the batter, dip the rings of onion in the batter and fry them 4 minutes each side and keep warm with all the rest of the fried things. At this point give a light dusting of salt, put on a tray putting the vegetables under the fried meats and serve absolutely without lemon.
The Florentine style fried food does not need any words to explain or describe it, it needs only to be tested, so that, for this reason, no "notes" from our side.
The "notes", and happy notes, will arrive later, after the first taste.
The only thing we can say is that we have indicated some ingredients for the mixed fried stuff, but they are not the only ones: "fritta è buona anche una ciabatta" (also a slipper is delicious if fried) we are used to say, so that you can choose the ingredients you prefer but you have to fry them in genuine oil, because only in this case you will obtain a delicious mixed fried food.

A Giuseppe Alessi recipe
Translated by Gianna Toni

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