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“Ossobuco” Shin of veal stewed in the Florentine way with potatoes in the sauce.

  • 4 veal shins “passapeso” (not from a milk veal but one not completely adult)
  • roughly chop together:
    2 red onions
    2 celery stalks
    3 small carrots
    3 garlic cloves
    a small bunch of parsley
    ½ kg peeled tomatoes
    large pinch of dried basil
    1 glass white wine
    white flour
    50 grams of butter
    7-8 spoons of olive oil
    salt and pepper
    600 grams potatoes cut into thin slices
Lightly flour the 4 veal shins and brown well on both sides in a pan with the oil and 25grm of butter. When they are crisp (take care the flour does not stick and burn to the bottom of the pan) drain and put covered on a plate and keep warm. In the same pan put the other half of the butter with 2-3 spoons of water and over a high heat scrap the bottom of the pan and stir to amalgamate everything and prepare the base for the chopped vegetables to be added after 2-3 minutes, brown well stirring with the usual care over a high heat for at least 15 minutes. After which put the shins back in the pan on the browned vegetables and moisten with the wine, stir and allow the wine to evaporate, then add the tomatoes previously lightly blended with the basil. Again stirring and amalgamating, adjust to a simmer over a low heat, cover with lid and cook for 1hour stirring often. At the end of the cooking time remove the shins again from the sauce and keep warm, in their place put the potatoes, cook for 25minutes over very low heat making sure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan, then once tasted and salt adjusted (the potatoes absorb a lot of salt) put the shins back and reheat - serve at once.
It is a very simple and pleasant preparation and not at all fatty despite a certain jellylike consistency of the sauce (the fat released by the marrow is absorbed by the potatoes) even if it is not exactly a light dish. It is good on cold days and hard working days when heavy manual work requires a considerable outlay of calories. Anyway it is a very tasty dish. Pay good attention to the meat ; it needs to be “passapeso” because milk veal has a too delicate flavour and consistency ; beef is too tough and has a too strong flavour, which does not harmonise with the sauce cooking.

A Giuseppe Alessi recipe
Translated by Gianna Toni

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