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Small fillets of “Indian chicken”, bittersweet spiced flavoured, with slices of mango

(Filettini di “pollo d’india” in dolceforte speziato, piccante, al “vin concio”, con fettine di mango)

  • A)
  • 600 grams of turkey breast cut in stripes, not too small
  • 4 spoons of olive oil
  • one knob of butter
  • salt and pepper
  • ¼ of white wine
  • B)
  • a blended mixture composed by:
    ½ litre of very hot dry marsala
    1 small white onion cut in pieces
    4 garlic cloves
    the rinds (only the yellow part) of an orange
    the leaves of a big branch of rosemary
    the leaves of a cluster of sage
    one piece of ginger rhizome cut in small slices
    a big pinch of aniseed seeds
    4 cloves
    4 hot chilli peppers
    a small spoon of powder cinnamon
    1 spoon of powder mustard
    ½ tea spoon of curry
    6 spoons of soya sauce
    5 spoons of sugar
    5 spoons of vinegar
    table salt and white pepper
  • the juice of two oranges
  • one sweet and ripe mango, but compact
  • if necessary some other marsala
  • salt and pepper
Take a saucepan of adequate capacity, warm up the oil and melt the butter over a low heat. Dip in flour the stripes of turkey, increase the heat and sizzle them for 8-10 minutes in order to brown them, turning them very often and scraping the bottom of the pan in order to avoid sticking stuff.
At the right time bathe with the white wine, turn with care and, always over a brisky heat, let the wine evaporate leaving the pan uncovered.
In the meanwhile blend very well the ingredients indicated at point B), taste the stuff as to judge the exotic taste according to your imagination, taking care that this mixture should be very liquid (if necessary add some other marsala).
Now back to the pan, salt and pepper at a minimum, then pour all the above mixture over the pieces of turkey, start once afgani with the boiling, lower the heat and boil very slowly for 10 minutes more, covering the pan with a lid.
At this time add the orange juice, let boil very slowly for 3-4 minutes, then taste and adjust the flavour according to your own imagination, cook for 7-8 minutes more removing the lid, over a low heat, and then switch off.
Cut the mango in 8 slices (first of all peel it and remove the stone), put two slices in each plate, then cover them with the pieces of turkey and the sauce and serve. The required time for this operation will be the one needed to warm up the mentioned fruit, which represents the garnishment of this recipe.
This recipe represents a fantasy derived from the Colombo celebrations of 1992. We do not know how happy it is (for sure it is less wicked than the protection-money taken by public administrators for the construction of installations/plants used for those celebrations), but it is curious and also original.
Our intention is to obtain new tastes (and also delicious) starting from reasonings of important events, by fancing.
Let us explain: Colombo undertook its adventure searching for the “Indie” as to favour the trade of spices from the eastern countries (from here the use of spices in our recipe). But he found a new continent, with new types of food (chilli pepper, mango) and new animals with edible meat (turkey = Indian chicken); here it is our homage to Colombo, what he looked for and what he found are gathered in a single recipe, with a bittersweet flavour, typical of the Renaissance period, and spicy like the Mexican food, the same suggestions you can find in the novel of the Italian writer Italo Calvino about the “dio giaguaro” (jaguar God).

A Giuseppe Alessi recipe
Translated by Gianna Toni

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