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Typical products

In the rural environment, together with the agricultural activity, a semi natural ecosystem has developed, where cultivation and animal breeding go hand in hand with the flora and fauna which surround them. In this way products are obtained with a particular flavour depending on the place of origin.

Overall, in the last 50 years both the changes in agricultural practices and the abandonment of the countryside have overturned this balance, making all production and flavours, for the most part, uniform.
Notwithstanding this, in certain areas of our Region, it is still possible to find particular products, untiringly cultivated or produced by people respectful of the environment and the well being of man who, with their work, contribute to the preservation of the biological diversity and antique artisan food treatment.

In this special section, Terraditoscana publishes a complete section of typical Toscani products, some unfortunately already at risk.

Picture by Sandro Santioli

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