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Lepre in dolce forte

(Hare in sweet and sour sauce)

This course did not have popular origins, because of its rich ingredients, that the normal people could not afford. It dates back to the Renaissance when it was very common to cook the meat in sweet and sour sauces, often in order to cover the unpleasant smell of putrefaction. During the past century (1800) it became a middle-class course and it was possible to find them on the tables of rich farmers.

Make the hare become high, then break it and marinate it for about 24 hours in dry white wine with a glass of red vinegar and herbs. Then chop finely onion, celery, carrots, juniper berries, a couple of laurel leaves and coarsely chopped bacon. Brown all these ingredients with oil with the big pieces of hare, adding salt, pepper and a couple of cloves. Cook them adding some of the "marinata" (the sauce made with white wine, vinegar and herbs) sauce or broth and few tomato purée. Then add half hectograms of raisins, half hectograms of pine seeds and a glass of vinegar, where previously we have diluted a spoon of sugar and half hectograms of plain chocolate. Mix all the ingredients, cook them a little bit more and serve the hare very hot.

Text Tebaldo Lorini
Picture by Kee-Ho Casati
Translated by Gianna Toni

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