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Bardana, Arctium minus

Family of compositae

This plant represents the desperation of hunters because its Heads have hooked bracts which stick to dogs' hair. The heads were used by children to throw them against the clothes and hair of their friends.

The infusion of fresh root has a diuretic effect while the juice, derived from its big leaves, has beneficial effects on boils, furthermore it relieves burns and stings. The plant is edible in some parts such as roots of young plants, which can be boiled and dressed with oil and lemon, and young trunks, which need to be scraped and after this it is possible to boil them and serve them with oil, or dip them in flour and fry them, or cook them like "Parmigiana" with tomato and Parmesan cheese.

Picture and text of Tebaldo Lorini
Translated by Gianna Toni

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