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Mallow, Malva sylvestris

Family of malvaceae

In kitchen gardens and soils rich of humus grows the mallow which is a very well-known herb, especially in the popular medicine, thanks to its emollient and pectoral properties.

The water of mallow (infusion of leaves and dry and fresh flowers) is a good remedy against any type of inflammation: inflammation of respiratory tracts, digestive tracts, but especially urine tracts. It is possible to have baths and irrigation which are beneficial for the inflamed parts of the body. The most tender leaves of mallow can represent a tasty ingredient for salads. The unripe fruits can be put in salt like capers. There is a recipe which plans the preparation of a soup of fried bread with boiled mallow, broth, nutmeg and a lot of cheese.

Picture and text of Tebaldo Lorini
Translated by Gianna Toni

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