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Thorn-bush, Prunus spinosa

Family of rosaceae

This is the first shrub to blossom in Spring; the thorn-bush spreads the bitter smell of its white flower from the thickest bushes, which in Summer will be shelter for many species of birds. People say that near these bushes the mushroom leophillum georgii called "prugnolo" grows.

The fruits of thorn-bush have a blue-violet colour and even if fully ripe they are so sour that it is not possible to eat them, but if we use much sugar we can prepare a particular jam which has a great antidiarrhoic effect. These fruits are called "strozzapreti" and if crushed, fermented and distilled they produce a superb brandy, very famous in Germany and Great Britain.

Picture and text of Tebaldo Lorini
Translated by Gianna Toni

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