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Landscape and nature
Landscape and nature
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Herbs and flowers



Nettle, Urtica dioica

Family of urticaceae

It is considered one of the worst herbs of the vegetable kingdom and it has always had a love-hate relationship with men. There are finds of the Bronze Age which show the use of this herb for textile purposes.

The main medical properties of nettle, using the juice and decoction, are haemostatic and anti diarrhoeic. It is very common to use nettle for food purposes as it is a herb rich of chlorophyll. Once boiled it loses its irritating characteristics so that it is possible to prepare sautéed vegetables or cooked with butter or oil and garlic. Then it is used to fill ravioli substituting spinach. It is possible to cook soups with nettle, fried bread, broth and Parmisan cheese, as well as soufflés with nettle, eggs, ricotta, nutmeg and Parmisan cheese.

Picture and text of Tebaldo Lorini
Translated by Gianna Toni
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