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Trekking along the Francigena Way in Tuscany

While it is possible to walk the whole length of the "Camino di Santiago" in Spain, the Francigena is only passable on "S. Francesco's horse" at intermitant tracts. Like the Alps, the Appennine Pass has remained untouched as such the walker can experience what the pilgrims experienced all those years ago.

The other tracts of the Way are more or less set in the spetacular Tuscan countryside.Where Nature is in perfect harmony with Art and Culture. It certainly is a great way to experience what travelling would have been like in medieval times. However, I do strongly advise not to walk the whole of the Francigena Way in Tuscany, mainly due to possible accidents and the pollution encountered, walking the A roads.



Text and pictures Gianfranco Bracci
Translation: Jeremy Carden

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