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Walking and Biking



The Appennine Pass

Trekking along the Francigena Way in Tuscany

From the small village of Berceto walk along the main road No.62 which raises slightly toward the the Cisa Pass. After 3Km. Follow the indications, walkway No.733 CAI for Monte Valoria(1229). This path rises through forests to a height of 1100, in the area of Monte Formigare.

From here, on the right, the road vias off to the Casa Cantoniera which will soon be transformed into a hostel. Having reached the summit the road vias off to the right and transforms into a small ridge walk (0-0 ex GEA, a great Trek which unites Umbria to Liguria, now known as "Sentiero Italia") which continues until reaching the 'valico del Passo della Cisa (1.055m bar- hotel- restaurant). With breathtaking views of the Appennines and the Lunigiana valley below, the Trek descends along the asphalted road which goes to Montelungo. Descending to the height of the first houses follow the signs marking Lunigiana Trekking/GEA./ "Sentiero Italia" which goes to Polina, a frazione of the comune Succisa (bar- Osteria-Ferrari). After about a kilometre of asphalted road the Trek reaches Succisa where it then leaves the T.L.(Lunigiana Trekking) which eventually arrives in Cervara. The descent continues along the road coming from Passo del Bratello and runs parallel to the stream Magriola, tributary of the Magra, which then meets the main road from Cisa.

The Trek continues along the main road until it reaches the small town of Pontremoli. Fortunately, during the week the main road is not busy and so, is particularly quiet.
The view of the small Lunigianan town with its medieval bridges (once known as "ponti tremuli" because they were made of wood) and its lovely historical centre is very pretty and concludes a great trek

Track Berceto - Pontremoli (Walk following the special signs Francigena CAI )
Length: 28 km
Duration 7 hours
Assent m 460
Descent  mt 900
Walkway signs headed CAI (white and red)
Info Via Caprara, 4 - 43042 Berceto tel/fax 0525/64764 (only in summer)
Pontremoli Tel - 0187/831180 - 831437


Text and pictures Gianfranco Bracci
Translation: Jeremy Carden

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