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Along the ancient roads

Trekking along the Francigena Way in Tuscany

At Pietrasanta head for the cemetery and take the left until the beautiful parish church of S. Giovanni and S. Felicita then continue on to the village of Valdicastello where the poet Giosué Carducci was born. Having passed over a small stream you arrive at a saw mill. At the crossroads continue straight on along the asphalt road which then becomes a dirt track and which in turn becomes asphalted again. This new asphalt road leads to Monteggioni. Arriving at the village go through it and at the crossroads take the left which begin the descent into the valley of Camaiore. After only a few hundred metres, be careful not to miss the mule track on the right which then winds until the frazione di Montebello. The track then becomes asphalted and leads straight to the ancient town of Camaiore. Packed with many a work of art, (testimony to its splendid past), due to the famous walkway.

Track Pietrasanta - Camaiore - Monte Magno (following the Francigenan signs).
Length: 15 km
Duration 4 hours
Assent m 250
Descent  m 190
Walkway signs CAI- Provinca di Lucca (sometimes marked with figures of pilgrims)
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Text and pictures Gianfranco Bracci
Translation: Jeremy Carden

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