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Visita il Mugello, culla dei Medici, a due passi da Firenze e le bellezze toscane

Walking and Biking



A walk 'back' in medieval times

Trekking along the Francigena Way in Tuscany

From Montalcino take the road for S. Antimo, after a bar turn into Via Del Poggiolo which arrives at the cemetery. Arriving at a fork in the road follow the red and white walkway signs of the Provincia di Siena which lead to a rustic farm building where horses graze. Continue the path following the ditch towards the woods. The path there runs down then rises back up again before meeting the road again. Turn left to reach the asphalted road from Montalcino going to Cinigiano; follow this road for a few metres then take the dirt track, keeping left all the time, which leads to a particularly beautiful panoramic area looking toward Villa a Tolli with its precious Romanic church.

The dirt track at this point dips rapidly before joining another mule track which leads to the magnificent abbey of S. Antimo, the most French of the Italian abbeys. Leaving the abbey take the direction for Castelnuovo dell'Abate, near the bar-ristorante take the dirt track which raises to the left and finally descends towards an almost disued railway (the track is operational but very rarely, due to the "Treno Natura" initiative) along the tract which runs between the station at M. Amiata and that of S.Giovanni d'Asso. Following the red arrows there, cross the railway track and climb up the other side in to the bushwood. Continue until arriving at a rustic farm building. Here continue along the path before finally arriving at the beautiful castle of Ripa D' Orcia which can be seen in the distance.

After visiting the castle continue the ascent, passing a small chapel dating back from the 1600's, until finally reaching a fork in the road. Here via off to the right and follow the path down to the fortified village of Vignoni Alta. The descent down to the borgo of Vignoni Alta is a great experience. After a well earned rest around the famous historical spring water baths of Santa Caterina, nowadays out of use, we suggest a walk to visit the limestone formations.

Track Montalcino - Bagno Vignoni
Length: 21 km
Duration 5.30 hours
Assent m 400
Descent  m 280
Walkway signs "Sentieristica guidata Provincia di Siena"
Info Rooms only Castagni Minerva - Bagno Pignoni. Tel. 0577/88261
Albergo Le Terme tel. 0577/887150
Posta Marcucci tel. 0577/887112


Text and pictures Gianfranco Bracci
Translation: Jeremy Carden

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