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Sella di Campo di Croce

On the Monti Pisani

A number of unpaved roads start from the saddle. To the left there is a narrow steeply-climbing track that can be cycled (red/white path no. 00), which goes through a coniferous wood planting project and arrives at the summit of Monte Faeta. Also to the left are the red and white marks of path no. 08 which can also be cycled down; descending amidst chestnut trees, it takes you to Vorno and from there you can get to Lucca. The main road, which is also unpaved, skirts round the northern slope of the Spuntone S. Allago and comes to Colle di Calci, where the track used in the proposed route also ends up.



Text and picture: Cinzia Pezzani & Sergio Grillo
Translation: Jeremy Carden

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