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Walking and Biking



Views of the Arno plain

On the Monti Pisani

The plain of Pisa which stretches from the base of the Monti Pisani as far as the sea is of alluvial origin, created by material deposited by the Arno and the Serchio. It is therefore a relatively recent area which a hypothetical observer would not have been able to see several million years ago. At that time there was only an island emerging from the waters of a great sea; that island was formed by the Monti Pisani, one of the oldest rock formations in Tuscany, which emerged from the sea before the Pliocene period. The Monti Pisani can thus be seen as a panoramic balcony from which to observe the surrounding area, both on the Lucca and the Pisa sides - the cultivated plain, the lake of Massaciuccoli, the forests of Migliarino and S. Rossore, and finally the sea.



Text and picture: Cinzia Pezzani & Sergio Grillo
Translation: Jeremy Carden

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