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Along the medieval roads of the Prato mountains

The Calvana way

Reasonably easy excursions looked at from a totally tourist viewpoint. In fact most of them are the architectural features which are met travelling the two historic roads which cross the Calvana. The paths used are all wide, well marked and well sign-posted.

From Prato's Porta al Serraglio railway station take the via S. Antonio crossing Porta Mercatale and passing the Bisenzio. Then proceed on via Gobetti which becomes via Cadorna, then in via Diaz and the Cappuccini climb. At the end of this turn left on via di Filettole to reach Filettole. The signs start here for the no.40 CAI path, which runs into via di Carteano, a narrow asphalt road. Once beyond Carteano, take Via di Valibona, levelled, which eventually narrows to a mule track as it nears the bottom of the valley Rio Buti. This ancient road takes you to Sella di Valibona where you must take path no.20 CAI on the right. This climbs the hilly ridge of the Calvana reaching the great Cross of the Retaia and descends to the Sella di Cavagliano. Now you take the path no.26 CAI on the right, which, after passing in front of the Chiesino di Cavagliano goes down along the ancient Cavagliano road, leaving it only at the point to return to Filettole. From here you can quickly get down to Prato



Text and picture: Cinzia Pezzani & Sergio Grillo
Translation: Jeremy Carden

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