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Giglio island

The second-largest island of the Tuscan archipelago, in size and population ,is Giglio; it was first inhabited by pre-historic man. The island has a port on the east coast, Giglio Porto, and a small picturesque village called Giglio Castello, which lies around the old fortress and is situated on a hill plunging steeply into the sea. There is also a modern bathing station, Giglio Campese, that has developed by a wide sandy inlet.
The southernmost island in the archipelago is Giannutri (part of the council of Giglio), which has low hills and a steep, rocky coastline. To the north there is the remains of a Roman villa dating from the 1st century AC, only part of which can be visited. This island also forms part of the Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago Toscano.

At Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, and on the islands of Giannutri and Giglio, there are old fishing villages that have been adapted with Tuscan good taste to the requirements of beach holidays.

Picture by Sandro Santioli

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