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Ponte di Santa Trinita

This bridge was originally built in 1257, but has been reconstructed a number of times due to frequent flooding. The current shape of the bridge is the work of Ammannati, who realised an idea of Michelangelo's, producing one of the most beautiful of all the bridges.

Following serious damage caused by German mines in 1945, it was rebuilt in the Sixties exactly as it had been before; the original designs were used and parts of the damaged statues were recovered from the river bed. The four statues positioned on the corners of the bridge represent the four seasons: Spring and Autumn are by Giovanni Caccini, Winter is by Taddeo Landini, and Summer by Pietro Francavilla. These statues were created to mark the marriage between Cosimo II and Maria Maddalena of Austria in 1608.

Picture by Sandro Santioli
Translated by Jeremy Carden

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