We know well the Hannibal's producers never gave Florentines a great importance, but renaming our Major Domenici in "Dominici" is really too much!!!
You don't believe us? Have a look at the credits at the end of the movie, the name was surely misspelled in the Italian version and we bet the mistake is also in the international version.

Since the 4th of May no one in Florence is talking of anything else. The Americans are shooting a film. In the beginning, great enthusiasm. Adoring crowds for the actors/stars, the doors of the Palazzo Vecchio wide open for the event, all the city in raptures. Then ..... on the Ponte Vecchio they were to shoot the scene where Chief Constable Pazzi (Giannini) was buying a bracelet. There was pandemonium. In order to placate the shopkeepers who were in revolt De Laurentiis himself intervened.

The incautious production team had organised unlicensed vendors on the bridge, who were not well accepted by the Florentines, particularly by the shopkeepers in the historic centre. Again from the beginning. The film is shot with an empty bridge and contented shopkeepers.

In the meantime, in Palazzo Vecchio the political powers were undergoing a confrontation with some Council members, convinced opposers of the permission to give Florence into the hands of these Americans.
Further embarrassment.

Shooting takes place in the stateroom "dei Cinquecento" and in Piazza Signoria everyone is hurrying to carry out this important shot. Inside the stateroom, however, there is not enough light. Why ? Because the difficult legal bureaucracy regarding security had, for many years, forbidden the cleaning of the windows. Nothing feared, Hannibal will fix it. So, thanks to the film production team, from today the stateroom "dei Cinquecento" has clean windows.

Then even from Rome comes disappointing news.
The film production team had ordered from a printer in Rome the printing of various police identity badges, residence permits, identity photos and other things, obviously all declared false, everything that could be needed to shoot the film in the Florence Police Headquarters where Chief Constable Pazzi (Giannini) worked.
Well, the owner of the printing shop had been denounced for falsification. So the representatives of the production had to go to the Rome Police Headquarters to explain everything to the suspicious Italian Police.

It is difficult to understand how the centre of Florence with its narrow little medieval streets, which all year are crossed over by tourists coming from all over the world, could support the huge lorries necessary for the shooting of this film already well known to us before it opens in the cinemas.
And after Hannibal the heat arrived as well !