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Manifattura Chini

My family has recently celebrated the century of activity in the ceramic field and, with the inclusion in the firm of my sons Mattia and Cosimo, it comes natural remembering how I saw the factory when I was a child.
It seemed to be in the forge of a wizard; clay was modeled with a giant lathe, the glazes, changed and assumed wonderful iridescence with the fire, the white-hot stove emanated a very strong heat and the wood which was thrown inside caused flames and many luminescent little stars that climbed towards the sky...
Even today the technical process is always the same, highly handicraft, but surely enhanced from the marriage with the most advanced technology that, through the possible Internet connections with the most secluded corners of the world, can acquaint people of the research, the inventive, and the artistic skill of the various generations of the Chini family.

Vieri Chini

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