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Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts
Visita il Mugello, culla dei Medici, a due passi da Firenze e le bellezze toscane




Leather work

The leather-working tradition in the Mugello and the Montagna Fiorentina dates all the way back to the time of the Medici. In that period Barberino was well-known for the production of shoes. Today, craftsmen's workshops are still producing small-scale leather goods and clothing accessories.

The skill, precision, and tasteful style of the leather work has been passed down from generation to generation, and although the products are designed to suit modern tastes, the traditional centuries-old concern with quality remains the same. Leather-working is a dynamic craft industry that has kept apace with the times, and is at the forefront of trends in fashion and habits.

Translated by Jeremy Carden
Picture by Kee-Ho Casati

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