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Traditional crafts

Many have been lost in time, but in Toscana artisan laboratories have survived even if with hard work, and carry on ancient trades such as the work with skins and leather, wrought iron, frame carving, production of ceramics and majolica, embroidery of linens, book binding, brocade and damask weaving, and the patient refined working of precious metals, of marbles, of glass, the stone carving, passed down from the rare and unreachable work of the “Scagliola” (stone flake). Certain of these can be found in every city and town in Toscana.
In the alleyways of the centre, more or less hidden, there are artisan laboratories, modern representatives of the glorious past of minor art, executors of refined goods famous in the world.
It is a real pleasure to walk in these streets, peeping into the workshops where the ancient noises are jumbled up with the memory of the taste and culture of the whole of Toscana.

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