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The words Art and Artisan have the same root, and it was not by chance that until the 1400s, when art, sculpture and architecture were detached from the artisan sphere, there was no distinction made between the artist and the artisan.
Already by the Medieval period in Toscana Art had a decisive importance both for the economy and for its aspect socially.
In Firenze in the 1200s the Arts were united in official Corporations, subdivided in Major Art and Minor Art.
The life of the Art Corporations was complex and over the years suffered modifications by numerous laws, until they were abolished in the 1700s.
To understand the importance of the artisan in Toscana, it is enough to see the quantity of religious and private buildings which were built starting from the 1300s, the interior of these are decorated and furnished with paintings, furniture and refined fittings, coming from the workshops of Toscana artisans, who managed alone to supply the multiple requests for manufacture.
A curiosity: in the past, instead of availing themselves of the exportation of their manufacture, the artisan transferred himself abroad for several years; in the same way also in Firenze around the 1500s celebrated Nordic artisans arrived, especially Flemish, called by the Medici to beautify their residences.
The Toscana artisans always more “artist” are even today among the most famous in the world for the execution of valued goods, just think of the majolica, the silver, the fabrics and all the other refined objects which came from our workshops to reach the luxury markets in all the world.


Illustration by Olga Bruno

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