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Dapples archive

Images of an age past, sinking slowly in time. Time which has witnessed radical changes, transforming our lives and the world in which we live.
Candid portraits of men and women, memorable for their simplicity and dignity.
Photographs remembering time, our roots. Testimonies to the harsh conditions of yesterday.
Images of a world almost lost in time, each one important to our piecing together of old societies and their way of life and work. Essential for a better understanding of our own progress and time.

The following Gallery has been put together from the 525 photographs, found in the family albums of Edmond Dapples and his daughter Elvire, proprietors of the estate in Grezzano from 1886 - 1958. The Dapples family, patriachal landowners, not without authoritarian methods, show an unusual respect and sensitivity for the men who were tied to their land.

The 45 photographs are part of a catalogue, published for the exhibition held in September 1990 by the "Gruppo di Erci". A voluntary group working in Luco and Grezzano in the Mugello. They are dedicated to researching the old rural way of life in the area. We would like to thank the group, who founded the Museum of Rural Culture, located at the Casa d'Erci in Grezzano.

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