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Tuscan coats of arms

Tuscany "gently-born land"

Until the ancient Greeks the need of identifying a family with a sign has been a common feeling; then, with the birth of the empires and the institution of the chivalry, the arms played an essential role to distinguish one army from the other.
In Tuscany, since the Middle Ages many families have ruled more or less important possessions, this way many emblems have been created. Most of them are still visible on the facade of the important Tuscan buildings.
Every coat of arm differs from the other for its absolute uniqueness, as a matter of fact both the choice of the symbol and the "motto" were made with very strict rules.
In the past the coat of arms used to decorate all the belongings of a family and were used as a sort of "business card".
Tuscany is one of the regions where the presence of blazoned families is still strong, many of them, even after a few centuries, are maintaining their prestige, one example above all: the Antinori, the aristocrats of wine.

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