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Italian Food Artisans

Traditions and Recipes

From creamy mozzarella made with the milk of water buffalo to smooth balsamic vinegar aged in Modena, the classic ingredients of Italian cookbooks are still crafted using traditional methods that have been passed on for generations. Italian Food Artisans takes you on a journey through the villages of Italy to meet the passionate food artisans who keep these culinary traditions alive. Visit a small village in southern Tuscany where tubs of purple and green olives await a cold pressing. Take a moonlit journey with a trifolao and his trusty dog in search of the tartufo bianco, the elusive white truffle. Travel the countryside to discover the craftspeople behind Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, chestnut flower honey, Italian chocolate, vin santo, and many others Italian delicacies. Beautifully photographed throughout, Italian Food Artisans also includes more than fifty authentic recipes that will bring the robust and satisfying flavors of Italy home to your table.

Italian Food Artisans, Traditions and Recipes by Pamela Sheldon Johns - Chronicle Books, November 1999 - Hardcover - 168 pages


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