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Cooking courses

Learning to know in detail Tuscan cuisine is a little bit like "stealing" a piece of our traditions. Cuisine and food have such a tight bond with our way of life that often through them it is easier to get in touch with Tuscany and its people.

We have of three types of courses:

  • Daily courses: courses are held in Firenze, Lucca or your location, they have the purpose to show you the culinary technique and to entertain you spending a pleasant and an unusual day
  • Weekly workshop with Pamela Sheldon Johns: courses are held in Montepulciano and offer a true transversal journey through our culinary and cultural traditions (the course includes also the accommodation)
  • Stage with Alessi: courses are held in Firenze, at Alessi's restaurant, and have very high targets, it is a professional training workshop in a specific field, namely all facets of typical Tuscan cooking. The course is intended for people who already have considerable culinary experience and are held only in Italian.

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