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Visita il Mugello, culla dei Medici, a due passi da Firenze e le bellezze toscane




Readers' comments


In this page we selected some of the many messages of thanks we received in the years.
To preserve the spontaneity of the messages we did not translate them, so if you want you can check also the ones in Italian,
clicking here

Had we known about your wonderful site and all it has to offer we would have been pleased to include it in our television series (with your permission of course.) As we revise and up-date the series companion book, may we please have your permission to recommend your site as an excellent source of information on Italy for travelers?
John Givens – Smart Travels Europe
I deeply appreciate it.
Miki Inamura - Esquire Magazine
Thank you very much for your kind contribution
May Sorrel - Universal Studios
GREAT! - Used your postcards to send Thanksgiving greetings in the States. Helpful to my clients in showing how fantastic Toscana is (if they don't know already). Thanks for your web site!
Corinne Burns – Film Master
You did a wonderful job on your site and I loved reading the story of all
the hard work that went into it. Good job! You'll find that we have praised
it on my Family Travel Forum on Expedia.
Terry Nagel
You have a marvelous web site here, and you're presenting Tuscany in a
way that really makes me want to visit. If I ever get time to get away
from my little Beyond corner of France, I'll come. Otherwise, I'll keep
visiting virtually.
Russ Collins - Beyond the French Riviera www.beyond.fr
Grazie mille for the wonderful places you have taken me to, through the screen on my computer. I hope to return to toscana soon, as you keep reminding me of what a very special place it is.
Great site, felt like I am currently transforming myself into an italian! i adore this site and i am trying to be fluent in italian so that when i come back in 2000, i will be able to imerse myself...thank you for making my wait for italy tolerable!
Congratulations for all the incredible work you make and my best wishes for the incomming years!!!
What a treat. Keep going for many, many more years.
Dear all, I would like to thank you for the good moments you give us in these dark December days. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Grazie and Ciao from a rainy Amsterdam.
Ewoud B.
Terra di Toscana- che bella! Congratulations on continuing to grow! Best wishes for more success. An "old" fan.
Donna D.n
Everytime I visit your site, my memories go back to the wonderfull moments I had in Tuscany... So you'll propably understand I'll visit it many more times!
Ronald R.
Aloha, and Mahalo (hello, and thank you) for your website and screen savers.
Jewel in Hawai
Congratulations. My wife and I spent 3 weeks in Tuscany in 1993. You are helping to preserve the memories of a wonderful time until we can return to the source to refresh them.
Michael B.
Carissimi !! We love the fact that you are here more beautiful and passionate then ever. Thank you for giving us that warm welcoming Tuscan feeling overhere, in the Highlands of Scotland.
Chris Y.
It's wonderful to have a passion and follow it - the benefit to all of us who use this site is "profound" (another p) - it's been terrific using this site and returning to "peaceful" scenes and the serenity of italy - "praise" to all of you and definitely, keep up the good work.
Just visited your website and I thought it was fantastic. Great job! My family is interested in visiting Tuscany for a month
Happy 3rd Birthday. You have enhanced our love of Tuscany. This will be our fifth summer spending time in your remarkable land.
Ralph D.
I love your site--we will be coming to Tuscany on the 10th of June. It was so wonderful to get a preview of the wonders that await us. Keep up the good work.
Gretchen H.
. . . for helping me keep a tiny bit of Tuscany here in my corner of Chicago!
Sally B.
Reading your newsletters brings back wonderful memories of our trip. Thanks!
Rhonda M.
I am new to the internet but this is the most interesting, beautiful and user friendly sight I have seen.
Please continue this wonderful effort.
It's been a wonderful journey. I've enjoyed it so much. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and delicious recipes. It's been so much fun "traveling" to Italy with you.
Kay K.
Thank you for such beauty. It is really a pleasure to look at your site. Your postcards are extraordinarily beautiful.
Ginger B.
As usual a pleasure for the eye. Continue with the smooth soft and elegant style and you can't go wrong.
Most impressing site. Never seen anything like it.
Being a loyal fan of your site, enjoying every part of it, I greatly appreciate the new homepage. It was already a wonderful site, "fast" and easy to use and this has only improved.
Chris V.
From the beginning, I have loved your stunning website.
Suzanne B.
I spend a lot of time researching our trips to Ialy and France: Your site is the best of them all.
Wonderful site, I sent all of the post cards for Christmas to all of our family and friends on the net. wish there was one for Calabria, Italy.
We just recently found your site by accident and love it. We are planning our second trip to Italy in the fall and are using your site for some of our planning. The site is beautiful particularly the photography. It is almost as good as being there.
Donna A.
You have a WONDERFUL site which expresses the passion and love that you have for Tuscany and that you share so well with those who have visited this special place and love it also. I feel priviledged to have found your site and hope that your future is as bright as the beautiful Tuscan sunshine in Spring!
Karol S.
Fabulous site!! I have never been to Italy although that is my greatest wish. Just going to your site makes me feel like I am there. Thanks so much and keep up the great work you are doing.
I just wanted to let you know, I have not come across any other site that is put together as well as yours. It is remarkable and beautiful. I could only hope that other cities/regions of Italy would follow your format and gift of organization. I commend your staff and will recommend your site to anyone I know, or come across, who wishes to visit your lovely Tuscany region. Bravo!
Lenore C.
Thanks for realizing the need for a web like this.
My cousin just sent your web address, and you have the MOST BEAUTIFUL site I've ever seen on the internet! I know I will spend many hours exploring all the wonderful links you have.
Denise T.
As an American who loves Italy but has not yet been able to go there, this site is one medium through which I can learn more about that beautiful place. I very much appreciate all the work that goes into this. It is one of the best I have found!
Recommend this site all the time.....enjoy getting the newsletters, and cannot wait to come back to Tuscany. Thank you for everything
Denise M.
You Are Absolutely Wonderful!
Yes! I just read the "history" explaining how you started the web page. You are so good. I will tell my daughter (she loves Italy) soon she is going to Harvard.
I think the new site is just beautiful. It is so easy to follow through. There is so much of interest to look at. I especially love the Tuscan Landscapes. Thank you for a lovely site, I am sure I will spend many hours there.
There is no thank you, sufficient to express the gratitude I feel for the wonderful, certainly the *true* intermediary of Tuscany on the Internet, i.e.,. I therefore offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks. Complimenti mille!
Giulio M.
My God, this message is so beautifully written. Someone has real talent or just a frustrated feature writer. Congratulations on your anniversary.
I just discovered this today - COMPLIMENTI!
You do a great job on both your webpage and your very interesting newsletter. Next year we'll use you folks again to find a place to stay in the region of Tuscany, maybe around Montone. An area I haven't visited in several years. Keep up the great newsletter and good luck.
Lou G.
This site is so beautiful! thank you for sharing your Toscana with us - someday I will see it for myself!
Pat E.
Hello from Canada, We're going to be visiting Tuscany in October and found your site very interesting
I must tell you how much I enjoyed the site. Absolutely beautiful! The photography is marvelous. I wanted to sell everything and run to get an airline ticket so I could come and see Italy first-hand. Alas, that must wait awhile. You are developing a wonderful blend of history and present day exposition. You deserve 5 stars!
Its a very fine designed and informative site - keep running it.
H. Engelhardt
Your site sends me into fits of daydreaming! I can not imagine a more beautiful place on earth! I fear when I get there, I will not want to come home!! And since this will be all your fault, I suggest you make room for me in your home as I will need a place to stay!! Grazie!
Evelina from USA
Thanks for a beautiful and informative website. It is wonderful!
What a great site!
I am researching sites for my Italian language students. Are you happy for me to show them your site so they can use it for information ? PS I'm in Australia
Thanks for the marvelous things we can see.
You do a wonderful job. I use much of the info in planning and organizing my annual small group tours of Tuscany.
Helen F.
Thank you for keeping our passion for Italy and Toscana in particular alive in between our visits.
Bob & Jan C.
Grazie mille for bringing Tuscany to those of us who are Tuscan in our souls but can't always be there in person.
I went to Tuscany this last summer and left a piece of my heart there. My husband and I want to return in the fall of l999. This site will help us to make plans for our tour. Thank you very much for this site.
Mary B.
Love to you all for bringing us all Italo-Americans the pleasure of your site.
Antonio T.
Hello from Canada, Just happened on this site when looking for Tuscany info. It is definitely one of the better ones.
I think your site is wonderful, i feel i can travel to tuscany whenever i want to with a quick click of my mouse.
Thank you angel
Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes for continued success to my favorite site on the Net. I would love to meet all of you. In the mean time, many, many thanks to all of you who work so hard to produce one of the best sites available.
Charlotte N.
Our decision to visit your beautiful region was based on the fantastic website. We only can say that the real life in Tuscany is even better than the virtual life but your site is a good substitute for the time in between the visits.
Frank and Elvira
Thank you, Grazi, Thank you, for your wonderful site. I have had so much pleasure wandering around it. I hope someday to visit your glorious countryside, but in the meantime, I shall feast on your generosity.
Maya B.
I have placed you in my 'favorites' and come back from time to time to look at your site and photos. If you keep this up, your site will be as 'beautiful, as fascinating and as mystic' as Tuscany itself.
This the most interesting site on my computer. I can hardly wait for the new intereting subjects about Toscana.
..I love your website..it is so Tuscan.You show your love of your home on every page. I make it to Tuscany every couple of years and this has been my fix for the time in between.
This is just to tell you that your site is wonderful. The best I found on Toscana thusfar!
Thanks for a very attractive and interesting site; it brings back fond memories of my brief travels around Tuscany.
Ciao, my name is Anna. I now live in Tel-Aviv (Israel). I sit in my hight-tech office in Tel-Aviv and you keep me company and make me smile. Thank-you. Please continue like this and do update the recipies!!!
Anna O.
As someone who compiles hundreds of travel sites from all over the globe, I would like to honestly tell you, that this site is one of the most pleasant-looking sites! very very very nice! good work and good taste!
Karen Israel
Thank you so much for your love of your homeland, your beautifully written descriptions and details of Tuscan Life and the excetionally beautiful pictures that transport me there each time I view them.
Clare M.
I have enjoyed your work for two years (maybe a few months more)and always enjoy the information and insights. Also, as a photographer, I appreciate the photos. I use your Florence duomo as my wallpaper, and your "dream" screensaver. You have done well!
Gary M.
Well done! thanks a lot! when i'm tired i rest my eyes on the screensaver and browse around toscana. go on!!!!!!!
Draga P.
I Love your web site and you people are great! I truly enjoy your web site and the art and the recipes and screensavers and wallpaper! Everytime I come on the internet I visit and read and look at all the beautiful scenery of Tuscany.
Beautiful site and very informative. Planning a trip to Italy this summer with a definite visit to Tuscany. Thank you.
We are planning a trip to Italy and will spend 4 days in Florence and another 4 days wandering around toscana. Your site has been very helpful in planning our trip. Keep up the good work.
Michael A.
Beautiful pictures. There is a great amount of content on the site, therefore it is complicated. I like it very much.
Terra di Toscana, Thank you for the passion! No matter where I go the Web, I always return to you for the feel of Tuscany.
Diana W.
Your pictures are lovely. What a treat to see Tuscany in all its glory.
Claude M. G.
No criticisms!!! Love your new look! You keep improving all the time, keep it up. I have been to Tuscany three times, in person, but it is really true that Tuscany is a state of mind and a feeling in your soul. I truly am a Tuscan!!
Carolyn Toronto, Canada
Thank you so much for this most beautiful of websites. Whenever the daily grind here in the US is getting me down, I visit your website and I am instantly transported back to Tuscany - what an amazing gift!
Christine L.
This is a wonderful site. I love Italy and plan on going to visit your beatiful country in sept 1999. You have given so many ideas and places with things to do that I other wise would not have known about. Thank you so much.
Ginny F.
Great site, felt like I was back for a visit. Keep up the good work.
Michael A. D.
This website really makes me dream of a trip to Toscana...I dream of a trip to revisit my family and revisit my relatives and enjoy a lifestyle that is lost here in the United States. Keep up the good work on this website.
I get this newsletter at work and use it as thereapy. When things are not going that well I go to it, pull up the pictures that translate me immediately to these beautiful places of yours. Thank you very much for making this happen.
Happy Birthday and congratulations on a fantastic site. I loved my two visits to Toscana and this site brings back happy memories and promises of more joy in the future. Best wishes from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Bridget S.
Your web site is really fun. I found it by recommendation from a friend, and will tell my friends, too, about it. Tuscany is my favorite place on earth and this site makes memories of it alive. Keep it up.
You're doing great.
My wish is to visit Toscany someday. The beauty of your website is supberb. I love it when it show up on my email...Gracia!
Your work helps bring light to my world. Thank you.
Gary M.
Congratulations on your 3rd birthday! I enjoy this site very much. Almost thirty years ago I studied in Florence in a Masters program from Middlebury College in Vermont. It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. Your site always brings back great memories.
Biagio K.
Thank you so much for your news letter each month keep up the good work I really enjoy reading about your beautiful Toscana. Ciao.
Charlotte Ann L.
5 stars all across the board. It's beautiful, informative and easy to navigate! Wonderful!
Raleigh H.
This is the best site on Italy and the Tuscany area that I have ever seen! I have sent it on to my friends, who all thank me. They love it, too!
Helen S.
Thank you so much for your beautiful site. I love your recipes, your photographs, your humor. It's the next best thing to being there.
Maya B.
Happy, Happy Birthday!! They say, "Practice makes perfect!" Congratulations, you're getting there! I think I have all of the newsletters in my favorite places, and I check them out again and again. Keep up the good work! Ciao.
Thanks for your help in making our visit truly "meraviglioso".
Sylvia and Kathleen Z.
I enjoy visiting your site in order to prepare for our trip to Tuscany in June. Thank you.
Ann Marie M.
My matter where I am - my heart is always in Tuscany! Thanks for bringing Tuscany closer when I cannot be there.
Paula G.
Originally visited to see Bryen Lebar's piece... now back at least once a week or so... to keep caught up with those, but also to explore a bit more of the site each time. It's very well done...I particularly like the use (but not overuse) of the graphics. Too many sites make a mess 'o them.
It is excellent and I can find no fault at all, I have advised my Fiorentine friends to visit it as soon as possible.
George V.
I am a graphic designer and recently saw a movie that featured the surrounding area. As I began surfing for more info I stumbled into your sight and was quite suprised. I found the photography to be at the very least exquisite. The site was easy to navigate and refreshingly artistic. Thank you for a wonderful site. I hope I can view your beautiful country first hand.
I have had more fun with your site. I love everything about it.
Lucretia S.
I look forward to your newsletters with great anticipation. Hopefully one day I will be visiting some of the wonderful places that are mentioned, and staying in some of the delighful rentals listed. Preferably after a tuscan wedding! Thank you so very much.
Debra L.
This is the BEST site I've ever seen ANYWHERE!
Hello from Canada, I am very impressed with your web site. Many thanks.
Peter K. M./b>
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful site. I am a chef in Colorado Springs, CO (USA) named Taormina.
Lance S.
What a fabulous site!!! being Italian I really appreciate all the work you have put into it. I will be a frequent visitor. Keep up the great work.
Fran L.
I wish this this had been available when I visited Tuscany 2 years ago. I would have especially been interested in the "tailor made tour".
You have captured the essence---great stuff! (I plan custom itineraries to Italy and the Alps)
Your site is the best I have visited. Thank you so much.
John and Margie G.
Best wishes to you and thank you again for making the world a more beautiful place than it was before.
Cynthia W. D.
Nava & Dany
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