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Herbs and flowers

Toscana is a region rich with greenery and very appropriate for walking and excursions through the woods and fields.
The more attentive walker can linger along the wooded or mountainous pathways or in a county lane observing the vegetation which covers the land, taking note of the innumerable variety of plants which make up the local flora season after season.
These plants, which have been present on this earth for millions of years, are part of the Apennine, sub Apennine and Mediterranean flora; Toscana in fact, is the meeting place between the Nordic flora typical of the cold regions, with the flora typical of the warm temperate climate of the Mediterranean.
At one time man was used to living with nature and taking from her, and only from her, all that which he had need of, thus, century after century he learnt to recognise and choose herbs and flowers because of their properties both alimentary and medical.
Unfortunately with industrialisation and chemical progress the precious habit of considering the usefulness of plants' effects has been lost.
This section of Terraditoscana shows a list of herbs and flowers common in all Toscana, combined with a brief description of their properties.

Illustration by Olga Bruno

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