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Walking and biking

Tuscany boasts two national parks, three natural parks, 35 state reserves and 19 regional reserves that cover the better part of the region. A landscape variety with strong contrasts that for centuries has been contemplated by the most famous artists. Leaving the vineyards, olive trees and towns behind, you can explore the rolling Chianti countryside or the sandy coast of the Tirrenean sea. You can climb wooded lanes in search of serenity, to find villages frozen by the time and views dominated only sky and nature. The possibilities are infinite. From simple walks for the most lazy to the most challenging climbs - by horse, mountain bike or on foot, you can chose your means of transportation, and we can suggest your route. Most of the Bed & Breakfasts (agriturismo) of the region hire out bikes or horses. So if you really want to discover the natural beauty that this land jealously protect, the locals will be happy to show it to you.


Picture by Gianfranco Bracci

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